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What are the protective elements can be included in the hologram?
The main security elements of hologram are:
- microtext
- nanotext
- optical security element lens
- hidden image
- security net type "Guilloshe"

What is self-destruct basis of hologram?
Is basis of hologram, which is destroyed when you try to unstick it.

What is hidden image?
Is image , which is present in hologram , visible in the light of the special device ("ИГ1" и "ИГ2" - identifier of hidden image of hologram)



The most common illegal methods to our point of view are :forgery(illegal manufacture of cheap products packed under world-known brands ); second hand use of the packages and labels;shadow turnover.

The most effective instrument against illegal production are the special holography marks.

The main concepion of CRST is a selection of optimum security alternative means and prices to the cost of goods itselves.

Holograms play a broad spectrum of roles:
authentication of a product,
authentication of a manufacturer and movement of goods,
identification of the attempts illegal access to the product,
promotion of trade brand.

The types of the holography products:
selfadhesive labels
hot stamping foil
combine label
shrink cap

Normal order time/ including origination/ -30 days. Repeats -14 days. Rush orders are possible.

Holograms on tamper evident base are used as seals-any attempt to unstick label causes a distruction of the image.

Standard sizes for selfadhesive labels: ring /D mm/: 11. 13. 15. 18,20,21,25 ..., square /mm/: 12х12, 15х15, 18х18, 20х20..., rectangle/mm/:6х74, 8х16, 10х35,6, 12х15, 12x18, 12х20, 12х28, 13х27, 15х20, 16х70, 17х22, 18х24,20x25, 20x34…; ellipse/mm/:3х27, 15х20, 16х32... A special sizes are possible.

A logo model customer should send to CRST electronicly. Requirements: Adobe illustrator (ai or eps ) - version 12.0 or Corel Draw (cdr) - version 13.0. Text (word -rft), WordPage (txt). Types to be send separetely.

Standard holograms-holograms with neytral image, which may be sold to any customer ,depending on stock.

There are two types of standard images:
• Point-to-point, type "a" ( with fixed size, exeption № a2, a5, a8, a15-ring,square).
• Wall-paper image- type "b" (labels can be cut in any size or shape).

What is possible to do with standars labels:
lazer picture . Any picture can be burned by lazer beam 0,2 mm thick on the hologram field. This a very economy way of order for small quantity.
the same way for lazer numbering .
ink-jet numbering with black color.


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